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Get ready to boost your English skills and finally focus on reaching fluency. Not only will you perfect 80 essential phrasal verbs for daily communication, but you will also learn how to recognize, record and practice new phrasal verbs in the future.
This e-book set includes:
Phrasal Verb Study Guide
Phrasal Verb Workbook with answer key
Phrasal Verb Organizer
This e-book set will transform your English skills! The package includes a 38-page Study Guide that explains the ins and outs of phrasal verbs and defines 80 phrasal verbs that are used in the areas of socializing, work, travel, the media and the internet; an exciting 28-page Workbook that lets you practice the newly-learned phrasal verbs in context, and a 52-page Phrasal Verb Organizer where you can store all your phrasal verbs and make a habit of boosting your phrasal verb knowledge on a regular basis.

Phrasal Verb e-Book Set

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