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I’m Miranda

My background is in education and international relations and I have been conducting workshops and courses for organizations of the United Nations in Vienna since 2001

I recognize potential in all my students and am committed to developing lessons that engage them both individually and as a group.

English Coach • Course Designer


About me

Originally from Berkeley, California, I am a TEFL-certified English teacher and my experience ranges from teaching absolute beginners to instructing advanced writing seminars, presentation workshops and proficiency level courses. My current and previous clients include senior officials of the United Nations, diplomats and staff of the various embassies and permanent missions based in Vienna, UNODC field office staff, local and international companies, governmental offices, the Austrian Parliament and the Austrian National Theater. I have been working as an individual contractor for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime since 2018, where I instruct general courses, specialized workshops and online courses to staff in the field offices.

What I do

I can offer your company or organization in-company or online courses focusing on all or any aspects of professional English. I tailor all courses to suit my clients’ specific needs and can improve your team’s skills as they apply to your field of business. My courses typically focus on the language skills needed for negotiating, drafting email, reports and official documents, conducting meetings and giving presentations effectively. The end result is the ability to use English with confidence and accuracy, which will thus allow you to meet your business goals and further your career.

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