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Courses and Workshops

I can offer your company or organization in-company or online courses that focus on the skills needed to do business accurately, professionally and confidently.


Advanced Conversation

This course covers all aspects of spoken communication, from everyday small talk to more formal business negotiations. Participants will examine the essential language, skills and techniques needed to actively take part in spoken communication in diverse situations. Challenging role-plays will be used to develop vocabulary and improve conversation skills in both the formal and informal context.

Researching and Writing

Listening and Pronunciation

This workshop focuses on developing speaking and listening skills in a variety of contexts. Students will examine idiomatic English found in various situations and settings. We will improve listening skills and oral communication through a variety of sources, such as film clips, radio programs and song lyrics. Part of the course will be devoted to accurate pronunciation and impromptu speaking activities.


English for Teens

This course is specifically designed for students betwee 15 and 18 who need to bring their English up to level. We practice the grammar and vocabulary needed to pass the Austrian Matura with ease. The sessions focus on speaking and building on the homework topics.

Grammer Editing

Professional Writing Skills

This course is based on the students' professional needs and focuses on the techniques required to draft clear, articulate and appropriate texts in the business context. We review advanced grammatical structures and edit formal texts for cohesion, style and clarity. Each session includes a practical writing task and individual feedback by the teacher.

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Class Formats

For Individuals

One-on-one lessons are ideal for anyone who needs to improve specific English skills as quickly and targeted as possible.

For Teens

I offer special courses that focus on high school English and the skills needed to pass the Austrian Matura in English. These lessons may be individual, in small groups, either online or in person.

Group Lessons

Groups have the advantage of being lively and dynamic, especially when the aim is to develop conversation skills or public speaking. Ideally, class size should not exceed 12 students.

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